Judges and Stewards

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Other Volunteer Info


Thank you for volunteering for the 8th Annual OSHC!  We look forward to working with you, and helping to feed the needy families of Rhode Island!

WHEN: Saturday, March 24th, (AM & PM rounds) and Sunday, March 25th, 2017 (AM and BOS rounds)

A detailed schedule of judging rounds and meals will be sent prior to event to all volunteers.

WHERE: Isle Brewers Guild, The Kellaway Center, 461 Main Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860 http://www.islebrewers.com/ The judging area will be towards the back of the complex, with a more accurate address of 53 Bayley Street.  There is a large parking lot (free) across the street, as well as lots of on-street parking in the area

TO BENEFITRhode Island Food Bank - All volunteers (judges, stewards, and staff) are asked to bring at least one non-perishable food item the day of the event.  In addition, judges are welcome to donate their travel stipend back to the Food Bank.

JUDGING ASSIGNMENTS:  Bil Herron is our 2018 Judge Coordinator.  All judging and stewarding assignments will be made available prior to the competition date, and will be based on the actual number of received entries as well as available judges and stewards.  When registering, please be sure to indicate any preferred or non-preferred categories.  Our software will automatically exclude any volunteer or judge from working a category for which he or she has entries.  Also, please see below on registering as a judge vs. a steward.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Downtown Providence and Pawtucket are host to a wide variety of hotel accommodations, from quirky boutique hotels to luxury landmarks to other economical options, which are only a few minutes from the competition judging location at the Isle Brewers Guild.  I also recommend using Air BnB to find reasonably-priced accommodations around the area. You are welcome to book any hotel in advance to take advantage of any points programs that you may have. 

Travel stipends are only going to help offset costs, and are not guaranteed to cover all costs of your accommodations, based upon your tastes and budget.  You can also find a local friend to stay with, and pocket the stipend or give it back to the foodbank – it’s up to you.  Any and all stipends will be given at the end of the competition on Sunday, and only to those who can commit to both days of judging.  Although we would LOVE to give out more, we are trying to raise funds for charity and are also providing 4 meals (see below) but we will do our best to help our friends, as we have done in the past.

Travel stipends can be given back to the competition if you want to help raise an even larger donation for our charity.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE:  Breakfast and Lunch on both Saturday and Sunday will be provided.  Dinner on Saturday is open for folks to explore all of the amazing restaurants in the area.  We will try to make available a variety of coupons and gift certificates from our friends for you to take advantage of.  As always, please notify the OSHC Provisions Overlord of any special dietary requirements or restrictions in advance.  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate every request, but we will do our best.

OTHER INFO: When registering on the site, please be sure to indicate ALL of the sessions for which you are able to judge or steward. If you do not click any availability, the system will not recognize you and you will not be assigned.

If you are not qualified to judge, please only register as a steward.  If we are in need of judges, and have an excess of stewards, you may be asked in advance if you would like to judge, at the discretion of the judge coordinator.  But double-registering will not guarantee you a spot as a judge, and it makes it very hard to sort. If you are not yet BJCP, but are preparing to take the exam, please notify the organizer and judge coordinator.  If we have room, we will allow you to judge with our more experienced judges.

NOTE: The BJCP does NOT allow competitions to award both Judge and Steward points to any individual for a single competition, so you will be one or the other.  We are also always in need of other staff and volunteers, both prior to, the day of and even after the event.  Please contact the organizer if you are willing and able to help out.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS regarding registration or judging at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at oshcinfo@gmail.com.  We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.